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29 Jan


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Basic Brand Strategy

January 29, 2013 | By | No Comments

Every business plan has a branding strategy and every businesses follows a guideline to apply its brand strategically throughout the company over time. A brand strategy for any products or services should include elements that describes its main purpose in the business as well as defines its target customer.

Blueprint for a brand

Be Bold Be Different
Whatever new business someone is about to start, chances are it’s been done by a few others. Setting a business apart from competitors will give an edge that own a position in customer’s mind.

Knowing your audience
Once a product or service is define, a target customer should be next in mind. Finding out what customers demand from your product or service, and why they want it.

Getting personal
Develop a culture for a brand like ‘Quick & Clean’ for a car wash business. Something that suits the business model at the same time laying out the foundation of how employees will be expected to interact with customers.

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