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27 Apr


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Increasing Website Traffic

April 27, 2013 | By | One Comment

Sometimes we don’t need to be an SEO specialist, paid advertising or social media marketing to gain visibility and website traffic. The most important way for website owners to generate website traffic is to write valuable, credible and interesting articles that describes an important topic, which are useful for visitors.

Blogging as a tool

The benefits of blogging can be numerous and significant. Authors get to choose interesting topics related to their industry of choice, which will attract lots of interested readers and may even subscribe to your blog posts. The number of visitors traffic and how much interest they have on these articles will establish the writer as a credible author, which will be a factor into how well google will rank the site in search engines. Contributing blog posts to other sites — a practice commonly referred to as guest blogging, is also another way of establishing the credible author status or the term ‘web copywriter’.


“ posts that get lots of likes, tweets and social shares, will factor in the ranking algorithm.”

A good website copywriter will do his research on what topics to write on a client’s blog as well as finding related websites and writing articles or comments that have links pointing back to content on the client’s site – or the term ‘link building’. These articles should be :

  • Helpful, insightful or interesting information.
  • Correct spelling and grammar.
  • Appropriate header and subheads to separate the article into more easily readable paragraphs.
  • Use of text formatting (bullet points, italics, bold, etc.)
  • Images with precise descriptions

Creating good contents in websites attract more readers and increases visibility in Google. Articles written needs to have great content that impresses visitors of the blog site itself, and also other editors or web owners of other related sites that are more well known and ranks high in search engines.


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